Sunday, December 16, 2012

When Tragedy Surrounds You

After Super Storm Sandy, survivors
looked at what they still had rather than what they lost
otherwise, how could they survive such devastation?
Accounts of all the tragedies,
rallied the professionals and volunteers
to pull together to save and restore lives.

A sunset can be spectacular after a fire
reminding everyone that there is more to life
than possessions, and hope springs eternal
with every cherry blossom that blooms in spring.

My prayer last night:“Where are you God,
are you out there?” 
The answer came back,

“In every tear that you shed I’m there beside you
don’t let evil in the world blind you to my presence.
Know the sacrifice was not in vain, some will hide away
but others will wake-up and get busy with my work
on earth, focusing on what is important instead
of the trivial and mundane.”

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