Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Year After the World Didn’t End

This was the year when predictions 
rumbled through the news 
that the world was going to end. 
First it was a Christian prophet 
who declared the end 
sometime in October 

then the Mayan prophecy said it would be
towards the end of December. Neither prediction
came true yet, disasters were many. 

By now I am news weary, too many sad things
going on in the world. I am sure there are times
the suffering will be mine, and I will have to deal
with it, but right now I will let my blessings surround me.

Show gratitude for the bounty bestowed on me.
Don’t let the dark clouds destroy my happiness,
offer help where I can, continue to do good as I will,
and dance in the sunshine to celebrate
each new day. 

Like the birds in the trees and flowers
in the field, I welcome the sunshine
and dwell in the now. 

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