Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grandpa’s Garage

It was a maze piled from ceiling to floor
no one allowed in but grandpa.
Occasionally I would sneak in
to take a peek but if I touched anything
he would know, so I only stood
at the doorway and stared 

trying to make out the kinds of tools
on his work bench or looked
up in the rafters where he stored
the Halloween decorations
making out black bags, and occasional
hands or feet of a skeleton,
a witch's pot, a bloody rubber arm.

One day I will be big enough
to be invited in to his mysterious lair
to rummage through his box of electronics
actually touching capacitors, transformers,
wires and old vacuum tubes. 

Learning to read an oscillator
and other electric meters
not to mentions his cache of weapons;
BB guns, cross bows and sling shots.

He also has a variety of games,
left-over from 
the church bazaars 
and company pot-lucks
all horded into dark corners
of his garage.

When he finally cleans it out
and moves from the family home
years of waiting for the time
to explore his stash uninterrupted 

but strangers will also be allowed 
to rummage through it
his insanity will be revealed 

or maybe the wishes of a curious man
who put others before his own desires
and now that he has the time
he no longer has the interest.

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