Monday, December 24, 2012

Ten Thousand Dimes

Last night I had a lucid dream 
with distinct images of me
wandering through the basement
of an old church, cobwebs hung
from the ceiling, filtered sunlight 

peeked through dusty windows

offering enough light for me to see
and in the corner was an old
slot machine with flashing colors
of red and orange and all the sounds
inviting me to play to  

take a chance and win.

I searched through my pockets
and found three dimes,
the maximum bet
for the top prize,
then I dropped them in

one by one and pulled the handle.

The triple flaming sevens lined-up
with whistles and bells and then a cascade
of dimes overflowing into the tray,
some spilling on to the floor.

I looked around to find a container
large enough to carry my treasure
just then, a priest and an altar boy,
dressed in vestments and carrying
the holy chalice, walked through.

I greeted the priest respectfully
but didn’t let him know about the dimes
still clinking into the tray.
He looked around suspiciously
but didn’t bother to stop
or ask questions. 

I found an old hat box 
and filled it to the top
It was heavy and I was afraid
it would break through the bottom
so hurried out to my car leaving
a few dimes on the floor as a donation.

I carried the box up to an apartment
where my family had gathered for
a Christmas party. I handed it to my
grand kids who were surprised
to find buttons and vitamins
and several thousand dimes. 

What could it mean?

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