Saturday, December 29, 2012

Emotional Cliff

After so many years 
of nurturing others  
the teat is dry
there is no milk to suckle,
no nourishment to draw
from the once abundant reservoir. 

You must fend for yourself
you are too big to expect to nurse
and now more capable than me.

There is a point every baby
must be weaned
every hatch ling pushed out

sustaining it's own needs and 
the needs of others

Fear cannot keep you
from taking the leap
you might die but that is the cost
of adulthood, you have suffered
trauma but so have the rest 

you must draw from a higher power
or somewhere deep in yourself
if you wish to survive. 

At some point you need to let go
because the teat is dry
and there is nothing here
to draw from anymore. 

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