Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

Ham hock cooking on the stove 
aroma floating through the house
the dog drooling while he naps 

early morning frost on car windows
while I recount the events of the last year
checking off the resolutions I kept
noting where I went astray... sometime
at the end of May, acknowledging
the misstep
resolved to do better
in the new year. Everything I own
has gotten old, had to replace
both the furnace and the water heater,
repairmen impressed that they lasted
so long, need to replace my knees
and a few teeth. E
veryone I know
is growing older, the kids getting taller
while the adults are shrinking and getting
rounder. Simple things are harder to do,
cook a meal, tie my shoe, my 
friends are coping with aging parents,
obituaries are two pages long with lists
of names of people who have passed, 
time for elders to retire and make
room for the new leaders to assume
the reins for the future still to live.
Hilary Clinton fainted just before 

she was to go before the court 
has a blood clot, after all those years 
of selfless service, will she die before she gets
a chance to rest? Super storms 

and senseless killings cast a shadow 
on my happiness, trying to push it 
away. Clear the deck, sweep the floor,  
time to make room for so much more.

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