Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photographs and Goodbyes

Yesterday my brother-in-law was laid to rest. My nephews made a heroic effort to be brave. My sister-in-law did not attend, she was hospitalized with a heart attack. I called her this morning, she still seems confused. Her sons want her to stay and she promised them she would try but she really can't stand the thought of living without her husband.

So many have passed. My son insists I should change the pictures in my photoframes but they contain so many pictures of people I once knew and something about that familiarity brings me comfort. I guess I could go about updating the shots of those still around but for now they stay captured in their youth, no worry etched in their faces, and the baby fat still plumping their cheeks. Maybe I'll get another frame for the new pictures and leave the familiar ones alone.

Friday, May 29, 2009



This is my first entry. I hope to fill this post with poems, paintings and crafts as I try to develop myself as an artist. The past years have been busy with family, work and school and since retirement I've tried my hand at several artistic efforts but like a child learning to walk I continue to wobble and fall. I'm standing up again ready to take another step. Each step gets me closer to balance and stability and wobbling without falling and finally walking and running.

Wish me luck.