Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short History of New Mexico

Spanish Settlers protect themselves from Apaches

White Immigrants displace Spanish

Catholic Church now on Apache Reservation

Photos of New Mexico 2010

Desert Sunrise


Roadside Cafe

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Monkey’s Reply to the Child

If you could hang from an old oak tree
using your tail with hands carefree
to hold a banana or other sweet fruit
visitors would think you’re kinda cute

They would gather to ooh and aah
talking to you with a blah, blah, blah
keeping you in an open cage
sending you into a daily rage

as they gather ‘round to stare
while you slip into deep despair
you wouldn’t like it not at all
they would laugh if you should fall

but if you start to hurl
objects at a boy or girl
they would think you’re kinda rotten
and in a little while you’d be forgotten

the crowds would diminish over time
soon your cage would bear a sign
to warn onlookers of your sour moods
empty spaces were crowds once stood

You might discover it's a perfect fit
you can choose any place to sit
in plain sight at the local zoo
where no one watches everything you do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monsoon In Pakistan

A dam breaks in Iowa spilling flood waters
across the town, no one is killed so it didn’t
make the headlines, hidden on page three
beside the furniture sales.

A hurricane off the gulf is mentioned in the evening news.
Pictures of impending doom and fear that the oil spill
will spread its grimy goo
on every beach within a 100 mile radius.

When I think I can't bear anymore bad news
I hear about the monsoon in Pakistan
a thousand people lost in the rising floods
more expected to be found with receding waters.

Where is Noah in his ark of old?
Will everyone suffer some tragedy?
Is this a punishment from the god above?
Will no one be spared from a calamity?

The sun shines in my little bit of paradise
I forget about the world news
and enjoy the balmy day and quiet seas.
Bills sit unpaid in my dresser drawer

but for now I sit outside in my yard,
sip lemonade and remind myself I am
at least one who has been spared.