Friday, December 14, 2012

Monkey Wearing A Faux-Shearing Coat

An big commotion received mixed
reviews as an 
escaped monkey misunderstood
which way to go in the neighborhood,
attracting crowds who stood transfixed
watching the primate shake his fist
at people taking his picture where they stood,
then a sudden move by someone wearing a hood,
trying to capture him but slipped and missed.

The monkey screamed out a perfect storm
of unintelligible words in a row
clearly they were meant to inform,
the crowd to stay back because they didn’t know
how far the little guy would go to protect his home
in the IKEA parking lot now covered in snow.

Pictures filled the internet trying to show
this monkey in a faux shearing coat.
One look and a laugh then friends 
would send 
it off to someone else and maybe somehow
find the owner who would allow
her pet monkey to get out-of-hand,
fighting back crowds in his efforts to defend
himself with a rock ready to throw

at anyone who came in pursuit.
Finally the owner appeared and didn’t know
how her little monkey, so loving and cute,
got out of his cage and caused such a row.
She gathered him up in his coat and boots
and gently stroked his furry 

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