Wednesday, December 19, 2012

He Was Part of the Team

Autism, kept him on the sidelines
getting, water, running after the ball
and cheering the boys on
he never complained ‘cause he
was part of the team.

Things went on like this
for several years, listening
to the squeak of shoes on gymnasium
floors, the thump of basketballs
and the whoosh of every score.

Then on the final day
of the last quarter of the
closing game, coach put him
in to play and the crowd went wild
then he got the ball 
but didn't score
he was given a second chance

ended the same. It was all air
but the team kept feeding him balls
then there was a three pointer 
at the outside
line, soon another, 
then four, the crowd cheered
as did the team because he helped them win the game.

Life will go on as it always does
but he will remember that day
he was part of the winning team
in a way that really mattered. 

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