Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World

So much hype about the end of the world
but I made plans for the "day after" 

didn't believe it, with things to buy, parties to attend,
an up coming retirement, it was too soon to let go,

but the night before the predicted end
I had the craziest set of dreams.
They started out on the streets of Rome
outside one of the grand cathedrals

the earth started to shake
with brick and cement falling 

to the ground, spires toppled 
priests and cardinals ran out to the street.

Bill and I grabbed each other’s hand
and moved down to the railway track
heading to another part of town.
At the intersection there was a big commotion

live wires had fallen on the street
there were loud crackles and electric spit
we lost each other in the mayhem
calling out each other’s name.

We were on opposite sides of the road
when a street car came crashing through
exploding into a ball of flame.
I found a bench sat down and waited

for the confusion to subside,
Bill came through the chaos
to stand beside me and watch the sideshow.
He sighed and said, “I think we made it.”

“At least for a little while,” I replied.
We headed home having survived 

the end of the world while visiting Rome.  

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