Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Story Untold

Most people think that one day
they will write their life story, not for themselves

but for their progeny to study 
and learn about life before they were born.

Maybe they'll discover some essence of themselves
in their family history. Perhaps they can find
a different route and not make the same mistakes
or learn where to step to follow the path of righteousness.

If the story only dwells in the ethers of someday 
then it will never be written. It takes getting paper and pen
or on to a computer, if you know how to work it. 

Start at beginning as you remember your life
and work through to the point in time
where you are right now.
 They will have to finish
the details of your final days,
but you will have created
a memory for generations to come.

No matter who wins the war, or what governments
are in power to control people’s lives,
your children will know their place in history
and trace their family story along with the more
public one. Just like the records of the old testament
and the new it becomes a model for what is important,
how to make choices in a world that has gone mad. 

Some behaviors will seem quaint and old fashioned
others will seem absurd and unbelievable
but interesting all the same. They can trace
the migration of their family through the years
and the inclusion of new members,
births, marriages and deaths. 

So don't just dream about it,
get started today.

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