Monday, December 3, 2012

Peasants Before a Revolution

Working in the fields, the kitchens, the stables,
service to the upper classes who are refined, cultured, educated
contrasted to their place in society; dispensable, humbled, invisible
herded and bred like cattle, with folk stories and superstitions

to keep them in line, as long as the master is strong
his alpha position assumed they submit
to their miserable lives going about their daily tasks
preparing their children for the same life of misery.

Wealth brings boredom when life and death
are no longer a burden, then gossip and back biting
become the only threat to their social standing
when the rules of the aristocracy make it a gilded prison.

Marriage is a barter for wealth and position,
where love is not even part of the equation
but when the passions are stirred
and animal attraction unleashed

all the systems of organization
tumble to the ground, leaving the master exposed
his position of authority undermined
when the peasants see his weakness they rebel.

It happened in France, in Russia, and England
across the Middle East and beyond,
statues of leaders toppled,
castles invaded, riches dispersed 

and lifestyles ravaged.

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