Thursday, December 27, 2012

Les Miserables

I’ve seen four different versions of this story 
two as stage plays, one as a film version
and then the one I saw today.
The first one I saw at the Performing Arts Center/

The performance arranged with a technical efficiency,
awakened a love for the music, listening to it
over and over again. The film version
was okay but without the music, it was missing
a key element. 

Then I saw it on a Las Vegas stage after 
the attacks on 9/11. It resonated deep 
in the recesses inside where my soul dwells,
touched the place in my heart that opened
the time Crystal was brought, and we raised her
as our own and how struggle demands strength. 

I looked forward to another attempt
to present the story on film with the music,
but a little worried when they selected actors
over trained singers.

I have to say they may fill their theaters 
but missed the opportunity to do it right. 
Music, when it is sung by trained voices
lets the soul get a glimpse of heaven
something at the cellular level changes
and tears pour from your eyes.

I’ll have to find that favorite CD
put in on the stereo once again
to make up for the assault of singers
who were squeezing out the high notes
making it unbearable to listen to them

giving their best attempt, they’ll probably
win kudos for their effort but it wasn’t
good enough for me. 

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