Monday, December 17, 2012

Bad Influence

We make sacrifices to an almighty deity
to bring blessings and a good harvest
rather than the fire and brimstone
of a vengeful god, who punishes those
who trespass against him.

Holy books are filled with stories
like these, providing evidence
that adherence to rules of conduct
are in a community's best interest.

Makes me wonder did the behavior 

of the crew from Jersey Shores bring down
the roller coaster with Super Storm Sandy?
Did drone attacks on foreign lands bring
tragedy to our own?

Seems that becoming a secular society
leaves a gaping hole for evil to infect
our government, social institutions,
neighborhoods and homes?

Most programs on TV and in the movies
show a society whose moral compass
is askew promoting lifestyles and actions
where heroes, who were once the bad guys,

are now thriving and surviving in infamy
living out their sinful ways, advocating
immoral and violent behavior as models
to emulate, godless and disloyal to everyone.

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