Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dream After Reading the Final Book of the Hunger Games

I was hosting a Christmas party
people from work and family
gathered in my brother’s house
disappointed by the small kitchen
didn’t have room to prepare the food

when I noticed a brand new kitchen
in another room, wondering why it was left untouched
but it was too late the party had already begun
food was served and people crowded together.
Elvis showed up late and caused a ruckus

he promised to sing after the meal but was tired,
needed to lie down, so I took him to the guest room.
My brother, Jerry, was lying in the dark 

scooted over and told Elvis they could 
share the bed until both of them were rested.

A young couple started to dance
he lifted her up, a beautiful blond, 

and started twirling her around the room
until her dress caught fire, knocking over a candle
set on the mantle. Little by little the whole room

started to burn. We scrambled outdoors
to watch the disaster.
People ran out with their drinks and food
so the party continued outside.
Elvis survived and sang Christmas songs

we all joined in and had a jolly good time. 

Now, what could that mean?

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