Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympic Games

Colors of flags sewn into the many uniforms
fitting designs for sports like swimming, volleyball,
rowing, basketball, gymnastics, weightlifting and more.

Formal attire for the parades and gentry class
athletes, from every country, converge into London
recognizing each other from other competitions
looking to become the best in their category.

All are seeking the gold, fearing the shame or injury
upon this world stage. Years of practice
proceed this moment, nerves must be kept
in abeyance, focus on the image of winning.

Rehearse the routine in their mind, don’t let doubt
give a particular slant, hold fast to the perfect model,
and in the silence before the game begins

say a prayer to a higher power,
in the language of their mother
asking for a blessing on this special day.

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