Sunday, July 8, 2012

County Fair

Screams across the summer sky
aroma of fried Twinkies in the air
lines of teens waiting for the Ferris Wheel
people moving toward the farmers’ stalls
waiting for a turn at the foot vibrator

smoothing the ache from hours
of walking at the county fair
before heading to the amphitheater
to listen to the sounds
of a rock and roll band from long ago.

Cotton candy or candy apples
ice cold Dots or corn on the cob
so many choices at the food stands
then a face painting or fake tattoo
a photograph from long ago

printed in sepia tones
a lasting memento of this time and place
then to the enclosed buildings for art shows
with various collections of Barbie dolls
and post cards from all over the world.

Every year the same tradition
come early, stay late
bring a date, then my honey
next the kids, now the grandkids
watching the circus acts

taking a chance at the ring toss
winning the big prize with the darts
or basketball.   

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