Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Philosophy from the Cherry Blossoms

When I was young my faith was strong,
indoctrinated at an early age
seeing god everywhere,
especially in the love my parents gave
I was nurtured and cared for by everyone.

A public education created a crack in the belief
the saints of old, especially the popes, were hedonistic
power seekers according to historical text
the illusion of holiness created by the colorful vestments,
grand churches, and chalices of gold, tarnished under examination.

Working in the rectory as a teenager
gave me a closer look at the fragile nature of priests
stumbling about in sweaty cassocks
smelling of alcohol and too much smoke
creepy was the feeling I got when they came too close.

At least as a married woman with young children to raise
I could recreate my parents efforts
and build a home based on love
physically strong and optimistic about the future
it was still easy to believe in god and prayer.

After being a witness to many violent acts:
shooting of a president, his brother and a preacher,
the Vietnam war on every major channel
watching friends and family destroyed by the abuse of drugs
wondering where god was and why didn’t he intervene

became too busy to think much more, yet feeling
abandoned, maybe it was I who turned away
can’t blame god for not being there
when I’m the one who moved away
so I developed a philosophy of life by which I live.

Death is the sentence for living so there is no hiding from it
no need to fear it because death will come of its own accord
purpose for life is to live and experience as much as you can
love those who love you and let them know often
see the wonders in the world, create something new

be kind, even when you don’t want to
say you’re sorry if you hurt someone
clean up the messes you make
time to be alone, plant something
and watch it grow.

Don’t wait for people to call
make regular contact to let them know
you’re thinking of them but don’t take on their misery
sometimes a person has to figure out
how to get up by themselves.

I watched a documentary about Japan’s tsunami
and how the people looked to the cherry tree
to remind them how to live. The trees bloomed again in springtime
even after a devastating disaster 
reminding the survivors 
new life begins by beginning it again each day.

However fleeting the blossoms might be
from bud, to flower, to fluttering petals
the cherry blossom can awaken your faith
find the will to live and don't be overcome with grief
create a future upon the wreckage of any circumstances

and celebrate life for all it's worth.

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