Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July

Firecrackers pop at all hours
the splash of magnesium splatters
across the sky, family pets hide inside
while children hurry out to see the display 

oohs and ahhs with each explosion
a patriotic ritual from wars gone by
family barbeques and block parties
a hand held sparkler and whistling Pete 

laughter stirred in with lively conversation
at the only holiday of the summer

but for the soldiers at war
out on distant lands
see facebook postings with all the revelry
makes their job that much harder 

wondering about the meaning of war
and do people back home really care
they are risking their lives for our freedom
killing if they have to, watching their own display 

of real bombs without the beer and BBQ
flashes of light screaming across the sky.  

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