Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It’s All Good

“It’s all good,” she liked to say
as her world fell down around her
she lost her job, her home, her car
her friends didn’t want her around anymore

and like Job in the old testament
she accepted all the bad luck
like a tree in a storm,
“Just the way it goes, sh** happens.”

Smiling to herself she tried to make others laugh
taking kindness as it was offered
but for those who extended their hands
they were also pulled into her abyss

and were frightened by her desperation
engulfed by her grief, never deluded
by her cheerful attitude and passive manner
and now that the end was near

she must face reality or be swept out to sea
because she didn’t take the time
to build a dingy or something else to stay afloat
for the tsunami coming her way.  

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