Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heat Wave

Heat spread across the land
waves of hot air stirred
by an unrelenting sun
scorched arid lands and dried brush
a perfect stage for wild fires

Vultures picked through
the bodies of desert creatures
who expired in the extreme temperatures

no Oasis for relief
along the dunes and acres
of undulating sands

reminiscent of beaches along the coastline
shell fragments from ancient seas
a vacation paradise long forgotten

Desert dwellers with skin 

wrinkled like the alluvial fans
 and their lips, concave crevices
repelling any kiss barely able to utter words

begging for relief to cool their throats
or breath 
enough for a prayer 
to release themselves to death

when all hope is lost a haboob
blows across the earth
covering everything with dust

dust to dust, all is lost

the heat continues
for ten more days.

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