Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morning Blessings

The morning news from live grenades
found in a paper sack under a bridge

and sharks off the coast
of Cape Cod, warn me life is dangerous
and I must live in fear. 

A silent ache creeps into my bones
a weariness from a world too heavy to carry
by putting away the newspaper
and concentrating on god’s messages in nature

I can change my point of view.

I see roses in full bloom, a butterfly
flitting from flower to flower
birds chirping on the telephone wire
hear the sounds of children playing next door.

A warm cup of coffee brought 

to me by my husband
conversation easy 

after so many years together 

white billowy clouds overhead
the gentle nudge of my yellow lab
a waft of sweetness from the honeysuckle
attracting humming birds and honey bees

the communication is clear
life is worth living and oh so dear
by focusing on what is worthwhile 

letting god’s love wash over me 
making everyday a blessing.  

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