Friday, July 27, 2012

Looking At Life Through A Mirror

Looking through a mirror is looking at an opposite world
very much like my own but what is left is on the right.
If I could see the reflection of a Republican
would he be a Democrat in the world beyond the glass?

In this opposite word where black is still black
and yellow is yellow would the names be switched?
A book held up to a reflection can’t be read in a mirror
but if it is written backwards the image is easy to understand.

There is no sound in that planet, at least none
that crosses through the silver plated glass
no aromas or perfumes, like television but different
the vision of everything I see looks back at me.

A mirror is a perfect tool to study expressions
to find blemishes and imperfections
to see profiles, that double chin, a nose that’s too long
and a belly that protrudes too far out.

Most people can’t walk past a mirror without looking at it
but sometimes the distortions that occur are only in their head.
Self hatred can emerge and take over every waking hour
and the image in the mirror is avoided at all costs

or one becomes like a teenager,
fixing hair, putting on make-up
trying on another outfit,
flexing muscles, practicing the flirt.

I’ve talked to many who have watched themselves cry
looking for pity from the spirit who dwells inside the wall.
Some have rehearsed kissing on the surface, opening their eyes
to see what their face would look like if they do it with someone else.

Alice is the only one who crossed the plane
and entered the world beyond the glass
a world of wonder and make-believe
absurd in any real context

therefore I am content to stay on this side for now.

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