Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Massacre

Anticipation for the last of a trilogy,
Batman fighting off anarchy,
and in the genre of violence, a lone man
entered a theater in Colorado,
and systematically shot and killed twelve
innocent citizens of Aurora.

The brother of one of the murdered said,
“Don’t show his picture, don’t utter his name,
hold before us instead, the names and pictures
of the dead, blameless victims of random bloodshed.
Don’t give notoriety to the perpetuator
deny him his fame, don’t make this incident
a topic for reality television.”

Soon the media rushed in,
and true to form, they gathered pictures
from his life, and plastered the details
on every station, replaying again and again
his moment of infamy. The details from the deceased
were buried, attention to them a bullet point on a list
of causalities, maybe a picture of their grieving families.

This is the second such tragedy for the people in Colorado,
living in Rocky Mountain beauty and wilderness grandeur.
Deep in the bowels of unequaled wonder
dwells an evil that rears its vile nature
in the minds of the lonely to wreck havoc
among the lives of the innocent.

A prayer to the injured and deceased
and their families.

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