Monday, July 9, 2012


When babies are very young
they wake throughout the night
crying when hungry,

have a belly ache, or diaper’s wet
then comes that magic point
when they sleep all night. 

Sometimes, around seven years old,
a few start to wander at night
walk about even go outside 

never waking while they sleep
playing with friends from their dreams
getting back to bed unharmed.

At some point childhood is gone
adolescence becomes a deep sleep
for all the changes and growing up

adulthood and parenthood
exhausted from the lack of sleep
longing for some solitude
a few hours of soma bliss.  

along comes old age 
wanderings at night common place 
fitful sleep throughout night
snoozing through a favorite TV show.

Awake at midnight playing on the computer
‘till 3:00 A.M., sleep again, awake by 5:00, 

down by 10:00, then up again
longing for a good long sleep.  

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