Monday, June 3, 2013

Tornado Blew the Chasers Away

They made a career chasing storms
got close to the action
without getting hurt,
revealing the power of winds
twisting and turning at 200 mph.

They made their fame chasing storms
got on T.V. for over five years
letting others thrill in their chase
getting that adrenaline rush
dodging debris and not getting caught. 

They were rewarded for chasing storms
scientist and weathermen gathered data
to help predict patterns, pathways
and power of storms, to inform the public
to protect themselves and their property.

They were recognized as storm chasers
with a credibility wherever they spoke
collected videos of storms, all different sizes;
water spouts, tornadoes, hurricanes and dust devils
experts in a field not safe for amateurs

but last week even the storm chasers
ran out of luck, one too many 
getting too close, their car was lifted 
off the highway tossed about
then slammed to the ground.

Their work will live after them
informing scientists for years
They all really loved this sport 

but last week their time ran out. 

May the Rest in Peace

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