Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stolen Lotus Blossom

I was a teenager back then
had almost finished high school
when I attended the Lotus Blossom Festival
with a plan of bringing a flower home

by sneaking in with a hacksaw
casually walking past security
and when no one was looking, taking
the bloom along with its watery roots,

placing it in a plastic bag
hurrying home and planting it
in a pool prepared for its
arrival where it thrived.

Later I offered tubers for sale
as I built my own nursery business
becoming an expert in water flowers
never regretting the theft so many years ago.

Maybe I was guided by the hand of god
when I took that blossom because
last weekend the park contacted me

to replant the lotus in a refurbished home. 

The other plants had been killed off 
with disease and dirty water,
now my conscience is clear
and the plants are thriving

because of a theft I committed
several years before. 

(Story retold in first person
from article in newspaper.)

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