Sunday, June 2, 2013

Noisy Neighbors Move In Next Door

The kids were grown when we moved in
we worked so were never home
neighbors were almost retired
so we didn’t bother them and they didn't 

bother with us with excess noise. 
People moved in, others moved out, 
but life was quiet on our street except 
for the occasional late night party. 

Even the dogs seemed to know
we lived in a quiet zone and that’s
the way it went for twenty-three years
until last night new neighbors moved in

across the street and with them a tumble
of noise. Children screaming and adults
shouting to each other as they unpacked
staying up late until the U Haul truck

was cleared. They were up early
with kids squealing as they played,
a large family with several generations
looking like they moved in to stay.

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