Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fifteen Pounds of Meat

The freezer door was left opened
the day after we had been shopping

all the hamburger meat, two packages
of ribs and frozen biscuits

all defrosted before the mistake was found.
So this morning we’re fixing some spaghetti sauce

with plenty of hamburger meat,
a meat loaf and two platters of hamburgers

the ribs will be cooked for tonight,
freezing the leftovers for other meals.

This is our attempt to salvage the food.
before it goes to waste. The biscuits

we be thrown out, 
they’re too mushy to handle.

My sister’s coming over tomorrow for a birthday
celebration, we’ll have the sauce with spaghetti
we may have discovered a way to put
a day's effort for meals to last for 

a whole week as long as we like the taste of 
reheated, refrozen, cooked meat.

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