Friday, June 14, 2013

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire keeps cattle from wandering
check it daily to keep them contained.
They only go out to the open range
with cowboys and herding dogs.

Wire stretched from post to post
like boundaries set up by churches and states
to keep the masses controlled and enclosed
because chaos reigns when they break free
getting lost in the open sea of choice.

Better to have choices already made
so the burden of work can be laid
upon their shoulders, producing milk, 

plowing fields, sent to slaughter

without complaint, 
enough food to keep
them satisfied, enough space 

to keep them passive.

Be careful of those 
who stretch limits
and create agitation 

to want more.

Force them up against the barbed wire
to feel the pain and realize life is good
all contained in the orderly routines

in an enclosed life. 

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