Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did Asteroid Cause Tornadoes?

Tornadoes whirled through Oklahoma.

Were they caused by climate change,
or the sins of humankind, or perhaps by
the asteroid passing too close to earth?

Science and religion battle for interpretations
persuading believers to see a point of view
giving explanations for natural events.

The vanity of human beings
is to think, we have an effect
on events and natural phenomena. 

We perform sacrifices and rituals
passed through generations
to offer blood sacrifices for our sin
or reduce our carbon footprintWe believe an action on our part,
will make a difference and change 
events for future generations. 

Therefore as part of my human condition

I will recycle waste and perform 
rituals in order to protect my family 
from an apocalyptic demolition. 

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