Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garage Sale Bling

It was a simple thing, gather up this and that
for a community garage sale, a good way
to clear the clutter; some kitchen utensils,
a few of the kids toys, other odds and ends

and a wooden box, never used
only to discover the prize stored within
was the $23,000 wedding ring given to his bride.
Time stands still, no insurance to cover this mistake. 


I wonder about the person who purchased the box
will she decide to keep it 
for herself?
Or is it  waiting to be found 
in the same box left in her car trunk? 

Maybe she has already contacted a buyer
'cause even if she gets half the worth,
it is more than the $10 she spent. 


She didn’t steal it, no one can make her return it, 
it’s like winning the lottery, maybe she will 
negotiate a deal, get a reward, clear her conscience 
and be done with it... but... maybe not. 


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