Saturday, June 15, 2013

Las Vegas Villanelle

This is my attempt to write a Las Vegas Villanelle
about the city in the desert for the young and retired
an entertainment Mecca for all to dwell

and act out behaviors that might send them to hell
in the blazing desert where dreams transpire
and become the content for this Las Vegas Villanelle.

Some go to gamble looking for tells
betting the mortgage and having cash wired
losing the house then hearing the death knell.

Others go to party where they whoop and they yell
perform on the dance floor to be greatly admired
in a town that never sleeps in this Las Vegas Villanelle.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but people tell
and secrets are repeated, never forgotten, never retired
even best friends who know better, are persuaded to sell

all the details to the highest bidders who compel
confessions of the most intimate kind to be acquired
and then shown
in places like this Las Vegas Villanelle.

Even pictures of the Prince were exposed to sell
he couldn’t be protected by those he hired
cash for the secret was his privacy death knell.

Visitors from all over the world are fired-
up to visit this oasis in the desert and are inspired,
to write their own script and sound their death knell
then sit at a desk and write their own Vegas Villanelle.

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