Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Brother’s Poetry / Chuck Toledo

Elvis Presley rocked my dream

There he was
It was the King
He gave me a big smile
He shook his hips
Struck a karate pose
And asked
Do you have any size eleven
blue suede shoes?
God keeps hiding mine
It is a technicality I am sorting out with the big guy
It bugs him that people call me
Hell it ain’t my fault
Anyway before you wake up
Can you rustle me up something to eat
The music in heaven rocks
The food just ain’t Southern enough

Sleeping in Bette Davis Eyes

Spinning and talking and pulling
One new thing after another
If we could fly but needed wings
Our phone would be held in our asses
Maybe they already are
Just look around
Too many channels
Not enough nothing
Or is it all nothing
Taking up my space
I wrote a letter to Bette Davis
Her response was simple
Your world is a dump
Just like mine was
Quit being a sissy

Sinatra Says It’s So

I sleep on my left side
I do it my way
I heard a voice
It was Frank
With a tip of his hat and a grin
Old Blue Eyes agreed
You should sleep the way you want
You should say what you want
To whoever you want
That’s right!
You don’t spend too long
In this crazy world
be cream of the crop
king of the top
leave the slop
for the other guys
And if your wife can’t stand you
Get another one
She is going to get half anyway
Now if you don’t mind
I got to skiddo
Do it your way


Mark One, Mark Two, Mark Twain Snooze 

I was just beginning to doze off

And Mr Clemens arrived

Oh! Not now, I am trying to sleep
He ignored me

He lit a cigar and started chatting

I turned over to ignore the intrusion
He climbed up and sat near me
He talked and talked
I became more and more interested
He had a wonderful way of spinning things
Most of them I forgot
He told me not to worry about things
There is a heaven
And the place has dogs and frogs
There is no hate
But don’t be late for dinner
The fried chicken will all be gone
Those angels are rascals

My O Mao

As I closed my eyes
I thought
It is tomorrw in China
A broken English voice
O it is much later then that
The revolution changed it all
The cultural experience is now
China is once again
The center of the universe
While you sleep China grows
The West is no longer the best
The East is no longer the least
Greed dooms as it looms
Peace thrives without lies
My companion
Join the battle
Long live Rock And Roll

Zelda F Never Looked More Reckless

She strutted into my midnight sleep
Like a hungry, drunken feline
She jumped into bed
She spilled her drink
And kissed me flat on the lips
I thought she was ungettable
Tonight she was mine
She taunted me saying
Let’s do the unimaginable
After all
It is your dream
Let me do all the worrying
Let’s not worry about nothing
This is the dawn
Of your Jazz Age

Brad Pitt Had Coffee with Me

I was barely awake
But then I guess I wasn’t
Brad, what the f**k!
He pulled on his new beard
He just stared, sipping on a cup of joe
He asked me if I had any pot
Well, I guess I do
I got one or two
We rolled it and smoked it
He knows something about rolling
He said all was well
Cleared his throat and espoused:
Being at the top is only dangerous
After that you just should not care
He told me to keep some stash around
You never know who might show up
He was right
You never know

Janice Joplin…U Know
I always loved her 
I even kissed her once
Neither of us held back
It was a moment in my sleep
She told me she loved too much
She didn’t let go
She held on with all her life
Baby, I said
I love you too
I am going to buy you a Mercedes Benz
She let out a loud Texas laugh
Then she held me again
And said
Do you mean it?
I said yes baby, I mean it
I am gonna buy you a new Benz
You were that Mercedes
You were that fancy car
No one loves you more
You  broke all our hearts
When you passed away
You Texas Bitch
Now step on the gas
Of your Mercedes Benz
Jim Morrison Touched Me
He told me to keep my hands on the wheel
 Damn it Jim this is a dream
These are all dreams brother
All dreams from the snake
Your life wraps around things
And sooner
 or later
there you are
You know things that I don’t
So it goes
Just remember
Your mother always loved you
No matter how bad she treated you
Love is a one way street
Forget the past
Fly with me 
in your Mercedes Benz

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