Monday, June 24, 2013

Looking Toward the Future

Look at the bundle of energy
arranged in order of age
ready to tumble into the future
and take on what the world has to offer.

The eldest had the greatest promise
he was bright and well liked
took a detour through the seminary
lost his way in Vietnam.

The second one tried to control the others
second in charge for her mother
ended up controlling a school
was grateful to retire.

The twins bounced against the boundaries
going in opposite directions he quieted 

his demons through work and alcohol
she stirred them up and teased them

now a shaman leading others through
social upheaval and spiritual purpose
maybe she’s crazy, no one is sure.

The youngest one almost lost his life at nineteen
an aneurysm should have killed him
the doctor said it was his athleticism that save him
so he still runs, swims and bikes everyday.

Each child took their own path
related to and influenced by each other
remembering the days of childhood
when they played for hours in the sun.

Creativity was the main ingredient
and the days passed into years
finding different routes to eternity.  

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