Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Wary Widow

What she missed most after he died
was her good dancing partner

they learned to dance together
when they were teens, got married

took advanced classes and went out every
weekend to local clubs and dance halls.

Dancing became their favorite pastime
their steps so synchronized and familiar

after several years he got sick, but could still
hold her in his arms and take a spin

across the floor and as much as she loved
him she loved dancing even more

and now that he is gone when she hears
music from their favorite bands she looks

for him, but he’s not there,
and even if a friend offers to dance

it is not the same, the rhythms are all wrong
she sits on the sidelines rather than be

disappointed once again. She has settled
for companionship, occasional dates

to the theater, dinners out and social gatherings
someday to travel across the sea,

but what she misses most of all
is her trusted partner on the floor,

his strong arms to guide her to the music
in perfect step and synchronicity.

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