Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fixing Popcorn in the Oven

Woke up from a dream,
in a city far away,
I wanted a treat for the kids
and you suggested a little oil

and a cup of kernel corns
to fix some popcorn
in the oven, and in that twilight

of dream it made perfect sense
and so we pulled out two baking dishes
poured enough oil to cover the bottom

then sprinkled in the popcorn setting
the temperature to 400 degrees
and waited 
for the first pop 

but one of the kids started crying
baby brother had fallen behind
the couch, the middle child squealing

to come get him while the older one,
eyes wide open, tried to rescue him,
you were nowhere in sight.

I hurried over and with one quick
swoop had the baby in my arms
a few dust bunnies around his mouth

startled but unhurt, then the smell of
popcorn wafted into the room,
we hurried out to the kitchen

where popped kernels were banging
against the door, I put the baby down
pulled out bowls to catch the treats

before they hit the floor, turned off the heat
but popcorn was everywhere.
The baby started giggling 

his two sisters helped
me gather the white bursts of corn
pulling it from the oven before it burned

and you were standing by the door
video taping the commotion
laughing ‘till you couldn’t stand anymore

and when everything had settled
we ate our treat while we watched
the movie of how our peaceful home
was turned upside down. 

I think I've combined both my sons' lives 
into a funny dream. What could it mean?

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