Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dimes, Diamonds and Dollars

Three dreams in three days.
In the first, I won 30,000 dimes
from a slot machine
the next night a stranger gave me
a diamond bracelet that
sparkled in the moonlight.

Finally I walked down a dirt path
and uncovered 
fifty old silver 
dollar coins, worth more than face
value  because of their markings.

In real time no checks have come
to the mail box, no notices about
relatives and wills, no secret admirers,
no lottery wins, no unexpected windfalls, 
so what do these dreams mean? 

Are they just a method to wile
away the hours of sleep, 
don’t think too deep
dimes, diamonds and dollars,
dimes, diamonds and dollars,
dimes, diamonds and dollars
what do they really mean?

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