Thursday, January 17, 2013

After Her Husband Died

I met her when she was ninety
a wrinkled mass of energy
still going strong thirty years
after her husband died.

She met a beau shortly after his death
never expecting to fall in love again
he was on her team at the bowling alley
lived together five years before he passed.

Within a month she met another
this one from church, who sought to comfort her
moved into her house where they lived
for ten years or was it twelve?

Before he was gone a fellow from high school
contacted her, professed his love after all these years
said to give him a call when the old guy passed
which happened soon after they talked.

He is the fourth man now to share her bed
they’ve been together for over a decade
but now he is sick, doesn’t know how long
he’ll last, never expected to live to be so old. 

Her kids appreciate she never remarried
keeping their father’s estate intact
glad she found companionship in her old age
maybe after this one she’ll find another. 

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