Saturday, January 12, 2013

Death of the Daily Newspaper

All innovations have a season 
the town crier became obsolete 
when the printing press was invented
allowing news to get out quicker.

As distribution improved 
and the machines became automatic 
owners built empires keeping the public

informed using advertisements
to pay for the papers delivered
to the front steps of individual homes.

Then little by little, the costs 
overwhelmed the smaller companies,
who could no longer compete with 
the big boys, than all of it went away. 

An invisible intruder entered
the airways, available to hand
held devices allowing people 
to be connected worldwide
often times getting access 
to events as they occurred. 

Word of mouth and social networks
dispersed the news at herculean speed
leaving the newspapers scouring 
the internet for leads. Then one
by one the publishing houses closed,

creating websites to handle digital

code, and then, like the town crier,

the newspapers eventually folded.

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