Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conversation between a Chef and Engineer

“I will be serving the quintessential French stew,
boeuf bourguinon - beef cooked in a burgundy
red wine. I have taken a flatiron steak

and braise it until tender keeping it moist
with wine instead of water, adding vegetables
and garnished with a sprig of parsley.

The aroma from this food cooking
on the stove will have you ravenous
by mealtime and the meat will melt
in your mouth as you savor the taste.”

“I would rather have a good cut of meat
grilled without sauce, placed on a plate
with a baked potato and whole kernel corn

arranged so none of the foods touch each other
but each easy to identify and readily available
when I eat my meal.”

 “Perhaps you would prefer a cumin
scented casserole with an irresistible
cheesy-crisp topping.

I will cook the onions and bell pepper
in olive oil adding ground beef,
cumin, tomatoes, and macaroni topped
with a sharp cheddar cheese.”

“I prefer seeing each food I’m eating
I don’t like my meal to look like it
has already been chewed.

If you want to use ground beef
make it a simple hamburger,
no spices other than salt and pepper

a slice of tomato and onion
with a leaf of lettuce all placed
on a bun, I will add mustard

or ketchup to my taste.
The meat should be cooked medium
to well done or I will return it.”

“Your tastes are quite bland
I have no patience for your rules
where is the creativity and expression

to stimulate your palate and expand
your mind? I find your tastes repulsive,
boring and lacking imagination.”

“In my defense, I’m easy to feed
predictable and constant, you can
count on me to get the job done,

I will be where you want me
on time and ready to work,
but I need my food to be simple
and conventional, no spices or flavors
to upset my system, I want to see
what I’m eating, no surprises for me.”

The chef gained fame as a remarkable
cook, employed at the finest restaurant

while the engineer built bridges
and buildings throughout the city.

The two never crossed paths again. 

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