Monday, January 7, 2013

Reflections on the Hobbit

Met a Hobbit who was much smaller than the rest,
prone to harmony and order
victim of barbarians and rabble rousers,
who handled disagreements with clubs,
while he prefered to go about his garden
harvesting bounties from the earth
with the courage to do whatever was required
to protect his home, to the death if necessary.  

Later watched a history channel recount
of the rise and fall of Rome,
peasants were always the ones who suffered
with the chaos of war and other
power struggles. Roads and waterways were
the first to go, then education for a whole generation
people reverted back to superstition and magic
trying to make sense of an ever violent world.

Great journeys are undertaken by great thinkers
breaking the borders of their lives by infusing
extraordinary experiences into the everyday,
expanding understanding of the world
through new medicines, merchandise, and methods
building societies through social rules and architecture. 

Must make a plan to take an unexpected journey

to revise the limits of current thinking
and to venture into unknown territory.

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