Friday, January 25, 2013

Do You Hear The Muse?

Every person has a purpose,
gifts from heaven to guide
their journey on earth

and with these blessings
the plan to manifest
god’s design interpreted

through our hands and minds.
This is where faith expresses
itself, trusting the inner voice
never doubting the inclinations

to greatness, stepping out into
the chasm of doubt, and walking
across to god's expectation

whispered by the angels sent
to inspire and inform
our actions but how can we be sure

it is good and not evil that seeps
through our brain? How do we know
it is not temptation driving us insane?

I believe the challenges are set before us
because any prize won is hardly appreciated
if it comes too easy, so the struggles

are all part of the test, to trust in god
take the necessary steps to perform
the task ahead, using prayer and meditation

to bring clarity and strength to the journey
ahead, and when the job is done praise
to the glory of god above, that his will

on earth be done for everyone.

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