Saturday, January 19, 2013

She Wore a Parachute

Most people think of sky diving
when wearing a parachute,

a silk cloth to mushroom out
capturing air, allowing the wearer

to float safely to the ground. 

He lived through World War II
many didn’t come
home but when they did their
packs were stuffed

with souvenirs. Some chose guns,
helmets, knives, something to 
remember their time away.

My dad took a silk parachute
thinking it would make a great
gift for someone back home.

It took him a year to find 
a woman, who he loved
since they were young.

He was thrilled when she 
accepted his proposal 
then showed her a surprise,

yards and yards of white silk 
“Use this to make 
your wedding dress.”

She smiled and complied. 
Took a little while, removing
cords, then piecing together cloth

large enough to cut out a pattern.
She ordered lilies from Hawaii, 
he gave her perfume from France, 

the whole town was invited
to the celebration
each taking turns to dance

getting a chance to touch
the silk of her wedding dress
they felt like they were floating

through the skies
for saving their lives. 

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