Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liar, Liar, Liar

There are those who lie ineffectively,
a flicker of their eyelash is the “tell”.
A listener can see right through them

never believing a word they say
but if they’re fun, keep them around.

Others lie through exaggeration,
the story told so impossible, it is hard
to accept as the truth, but as yarn
spinners they can’t be beat, so listen

with a grain of salt, never quoting
them word for word, but retelling the tale
subdued, focusing on the part that’s true. 

The con is a more experienced liar
controlling all aspects of the account
to seduce, entrap and cheat a participant

who is often too embarrassed to reveal
the depths they were duped then stripped
of their wealth and dignity. Often victims lie
to keep the secret of how badly they were taken. 

The most dangerous liars are the ones who lie
to themselves, never facing the truth of their situation,

floating along in life, some may call it an
undying faith, others call it stupidity, but all the same
actions to save themselves are never extended

for their own survival, because in their mind
everything is going to turn out fine
depending on others to take the necessary steps

and then complaining when it is not quite
up to their self centered standards. 

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