Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching a Cold

My oldest son, at five years old,
ran around the house

in his underwear, his feet were bare
he was holding a little string 

twirling it in the air
then opened the door and ran 
outside, I shouted, 

“Where do
you think you’re going?” 
He answered back as clear as he could,
“I’m going out to catch a cold!”

Before I could say anything 
his younger brother followed him.

I caught up with the two while they
stood in the yard shivering 

laughing at my distress they turned
and went inside, locking the door behind them.

I didn’t get angry, I was much quicker then,
I ran around to the sliding door 
came up with a might roar

we fell to the ground 
with giggles and squeals

letting the cold slip away
never catching it at all that winter day. 

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