Sunday, November 25, 2012

World View

I asked her if she listened to world news
sports scores were more her speed
didn’t care much about the unrest in Egypt
or the recovery after Super Storm Sandy
the economic downturn was not her issue,
she didn’t have much to say about the election,

except her candidate won.
Her face is wrinkle free, not worried about
problems that are not her own
wants to get home to feed the dog
and get to work on time
marks her calendars for girl’s nights out,

and when she needs to get her hair done,
but what can be done about world problems?
She doesn’t care, not her concern
but did I know April and Kent are splitting?
She’s pregnant with his son, but he's too immature
to stick around. Ashley posted pictures of her trip,

did I want to see them?
She learned a new dance step
tried it out, also a new recipe
for macaroni and cheese,
didn’t like it with mushroom soup
preferred regular milk and sharp cheddar.

Governments fall, soldiers are killed
thousands of people now homeless
none of that crosses her radar,
glad the Buckeyes won and going
to the championship, found some new wine
in Temecula, an aloe lotion for her dry skin.

She's too tired from her job to go to the gym,
her boyfriend is so busy they don’t spend
as much time together as she would like,
the price of gas is going through the roof,
and it costs more at the grocery store
familiar shops have closed nearby

might have to get a second job
at least through the holidays
looks at cat and dog antics
on You Tube, doesn’t read the news
can’t do anything about it anyway
better to keep her eyes on her own problems

rather than being concerned
about people so far away

and things she can't change anyway.

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