Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Without warning
coyotes attacked
the family pets.

Steve heard the cry 
ran to the backyard
in time to see a pack 

of three scale the fence.

Swifter, the youngest one, 
was injured but still breathing 
Buddy, couldn’t be found
for several minutes then 
a bush where he breathed his last.

The girls were screaming, how could this be,
the perfect home for their family
violated by these canine intruders.

They gathered their pets and headed to the vet
Swifter didn’t make it and died in Anna’s arms
nothing to do but take the remains
and try to explain to her daughters
why something like this could happen to them.

Marie couldn’t be consoled, cried until she fell asleep,
while Sara drew pictures and wrote poetry
of her little pets, so loyal and loving
now gone, it will be awhile

before they get another one. 

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