Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving Target

He won the election but what is leadership 
if no one follows?  Being out in front of the crowd
or on a pedestal makes an easy target
for opinions and sniper fire, not able to change
things on the inside, he must venture

to the skinny branches to succeed or fall
better to try rather than to stay in safe spaces
hidden away from greatness, walking a narrow road
where nothing is ever accomplished.

I can remember when I was part of groups
who were responsible for changing things
there were always the big idea guys
sucking up air in meetings but when it came
down to doing work they were nowhere to be found
except when awards were handed out
then they wanted to step to the head of the line.
Others complained at every step
making most action impossible but their negativity
actually revealed what didn’t work, then a handful 
of dedicated workers persisted and
the change they all dreamed about.

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